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Starting your own business can be too difficult to do alone. We’re here to help. We offer unparalleled support to you achieve uncommon freedom.


The more you know, the more you can achieve. We provide world-class education for all types of learners so you can learn as you lead your new business.


We have extensive entrepreneurship experience. Our goal is to leverage our experience for your personal and financial success.

Let’s start something together

From Our Clients

“John and I immediately connected, as I swiftly realized that John is a family man of integrity with an uplifting spirit. I’ve enjoyed working with John while learning and patronizing his services.”
Jeff Callahan

Wealth Consultant

“John is a skilled, honest and overall awesome entrapnuer who has a vast knowledge of people. Most people would love to pocess even a fraction of John’s knowledge. I would recommend him at any time.”
Larry Fleisch

Certified Webmaster

“With utmost confidence I can recommend John Hole as a leader with integrity. He is truly committed to positively impacting the lives of everyone he comes into contact with. His many years of entrepreneurial experience gives him the leading edge to help others to develop a thriving business.”
Melanie McCool


“John has the ability to elevate those around him. His wisdom, patience, and kindness make him a rare leader whose greatest success is to see others succeed. You’ll love working with him.”
Kevin Stamper

Strategic Storyteller